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Product Model : RD982

As a product built to the DMR standard, the RD98X series repeater is endowed with ergonomic design, reliable performance and comprehensive digital functions to deliver an advanced communication solution. With RD98X, you can make use of digital advantages to top the competition!

Dual-Mode Operation and Auto-Switch
The repeater can operate in digital or analog mode, allowing you to enjoy digital delights without worrying about its compatibility with your existing analog system. Whats more, it can switch between digital and analog modes intelligently based on the type of signals received from subscriber radio, saving you the trouble of manually configuring frequency or channel.

100% Duty Cycle
The repeater is capable of 100% duty cycle at full power (50W), meeting demanding requirements of any conventional or trunking system.

Flexible Installation
The repeater can be perfectly mounted in a 2RU/19 standard cabinet. Alternatively, you can choose to mount it in a rack, bracket or on a desk with ease. In addition, the space reserved inside the repeater for an optional duplexer helps it maintain a compact body.

High Frequency Spectrum Efficiency
Benefiting from TDMA technology, the repeater allows twice the users to share the same channel, compared with analog or FDMA digital systems. This is a big help to relieve the stress of increasing shortage in spectrum resource, and to save your costs on system equipment and frequency license.

Secure Communication(Optional)
The repeater is furnished with enhanced digital encryption capability, so as to protect the privacy of your communication.

Superb Cooling Performance
Levering on the built-in heat pipe, the power amplifier can dissipate its heat at exceptional rate. Additionally, the heatsink is also equipped with a cooling fan, ensuring stable operation of the transmitter at high power.

Repeater/Base Mode Operation
When the repeater operates on an analog channel, you can choose to make it operate in Repeater mode or in Base mode. In the latter mode, the repeater can be used as a duplex transceiver.

Solid Reliability
As a modularized product built to military standard, the repeater can deliver solid reliability and remarkable performance for a long time. The test result from a 3rd party lab proves that its MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) runs up to 100,000 hours, meeting demanding requirements in harsh environments.

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